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i've finally found where i belong.

miss fae to you.
9 July 1986
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(i've finally found my home)

&* _mostly friendsonly

&* _half fae, half girl

&* _trying to find my way in this soakedinfilth world

&* _mostly dead, but nearly alive

&* _sometimes a mischievous pixie-thing, giggling, hiding, meddling

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(script by marnanel)

angels, animals, archie comics, art, astrology, australian accents, autumn, being an idiot, being artistic, being daddy's girl, being held, bonding, books, braces, bubble baths, butterflies, butterfly kisses, chrono cross, chrono trigger, clean rooms, clouds, compliments, crying, cucumber melon, cuddling, dancing in the rain, dragonflies, dreams, edgar allen poe, eyeliner, eyes, fairy tales, fantasy, final fantasy 8, flirting, flying, france, french, friends, frosted, fur, fuzzy things, giggling, glitter, gloss, gray eyes, gummi bears, halos, hands, harry potter, holding hands, homemade donuts, hope, horoscopes, janet fitch, japanese writing, jewel, kisses, kittens, large rooms, laughing, lavinia, linkin park, lips, love spell, loving, mermaids, moon, my puppy middy, my scooby doo blanket, mythology, nick, night time, noodles, ocean breezes, opinions, paw prints, photography, pictures, pine, pink, pixels, pixies, poetry, polar bears, potatos, puppies, purity, purple, rain, rainbows, ramen, raspberries, reading, real promises, rocky horror show, rpg games, sand between my toes, sea smells, seafood, shakespeare, silver, sleeping, sleeping pills, small wrists, smooth things, snow, snowflakes, soft hair, sparkles, stars, strawberries, sugar, sushi, talking, tears, tender hugs, the moon, the smell of rain, the sound of water, the virgin suicides, thongs, tickling, tigers, tori amos, unicorns, vanilla, videogames, warm sweaters, water, waterfalls, watermelon, whiskers, whispers, white oleander, white-out, wildflowers, wildlife, wings, winter, wolves, writing, yellow, you